I have been working with Heather for a few years now and plan to keep doing so for a long time. Her work is consistently outstanding and she is dedicated, efficient and very straightforward to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable and creative addition to their team and projects!
— Laura Borelli, Development Editor - Bright Red Publishing
Heather was able to drop into our team and fit in quickly, executing her work diligently and to the highest standard. While at Canongate she worked on publicity and marketing materials for a range of titles, and was able to efficiently provide the support needed to keep our team running at full capacity. She was a joy to work with, and I’d recommend her to anyone in the industry looking to hire an award-winning freelancer who can provide tangible results.
— Jamie Norman, Campaigns Team - Canongate
Heather’s skills in website design were a massive boon to my abilities to promote the work of my organisation, Flint & Pitch. She is efficient, calm and incredibly easy to work with - I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for similar services!
— Jenny Lindsay, Flint & Pitch Productions
When I decided to set up Haunt Publishing I realised that, even with 5 years‘ experience in the industry, I knew next to nothing about setting up and launching a company. I immediately sought out Heather for consultation: I knew she had launched a publishing company with great success and has a reputation for deep industry knowledge and creative thinking, so she was my first choice for advice. Heather was immensely helpful and took me through the nitty gritty of the business side of publishing. She helped me to get a clearer view of my aims and build my knowledge of contracts, funding applications, taxes, publicity, and the day-to-day running of a company. Everything was tailored to the Haunt brand and to my aims. I couldn’t have asked for a better consultation and whole-heartedly recommend Heather to anyone who wants to learn more about the business of publishing.
— Rebecca Wojturska, Founder - Haunt Publishing
Working as part of her team was a great experience. She knows how to build a team, communicate effectively, use social media to her advantage and manage her time extremely well. She’s also very encouraging, helpful and keeps people motivated. I’ve worked on a few other projects with Heather too, for The Society of Young Publishers Scotland, The Saltire Society and Upset Magazine. She’s always organised with what she needs to do and what she needs from others and frankly excels when there’s a tight deadline.
— Jade Esson, Photographer
Heather is a pleasure to work with, because she has a wealth of knowledge and experience in journalism that she is willing to share. She is highly motivated, well organized, and has excellent time management skills. Heather has has a strong grasp of how to engage the public and drive traffic to sites via social media. Working with Heather has vastly improved my writing skills. She provides helpful, constructive criticism and edits which help fine tune my submissions to Indulge Sound. I am a stronger writer and have gained both knowledge and insight into the world of music journalism thanks to Heather’s input and guidance.
— Elise Hines, Rezonatr
Heather made a remarkable contribution to this innovative initiative, [Scot Lit Fest]. She brought imagination, energy and professionalism to a very successful project. We’d be delighted to work with Heather in the future.
— Jim Tough, former Chief Executive - The Saltire Society

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